Non-organic creatures

My 4th year honours project: Developing a series of creatures, focusing on implementing techniques and technologies that blur the line between organic life and robotic or 'non-organic' life.

Emotive Companion: Greg

Meet Greg: A loveable alien designed to react to the wearers emotions and display its own.

Interactive Wall

An open source interactive wall, designed to comunicate how to engage with Fab Lab Wgtn.

Sewable Emedded Electronics

A redesign of the popular Arduino Lilypad boards, updated to use the esp32 modules.

Festa 2018

Together with a group of student from Massey University, We designed a installation for Festa 2018 (Festival of Transitional Architecture) inspired by the theme, Furture of Food.

The Wiggler, Lux Light Festival

Electronics for The Wiggler, Lux 2016